Dash Pad

The photos show the process we use to restore your dash. 
This dash is from a 1971 Roadrunner, At the time this was repaired there were no
reproduction dashes for this model yet.
As you can see this dash is quite cracked.  We first clean it with a good grease and wax remover. 
The cracks are filled with a good flexible plastic parts filler. Then covered with a closed cell foam.
The foam is carfully sanded.  A lot like body work during this process.
Extreme care is needed to reshape the raised areas around air vents to ensure stock look.
We start in the center and work our way out. 
A heat gun and patience will give great results.  The original lines are carfully pressed back in.  This is a very important step to insure a stock look.

Compleated dash.  Ready to reinstall.

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This is an 80's Malibu dash pad.


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