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Self Storage: This is One Need You Will Love to Have

Posted by on Apr 2, 2017

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the average sizes of houses in the United States got bigger in 2004, becoming 2,400 square feet from 1,660 square feet. Despite the increase in size, most of these new houses lost two common large spaces which homes in recent past had: the basement and the attic. With consumerism in America on an upsurge, and people just keep on buying new things, the loss of the two spacious rooms has left many individuals and families without enough space where they can temporarily and safely store their old things. The most obvious and practical solution that will address this concern of “lack of space” is self-storage, where old things, furniture and appliances can be safely stored in order to give room for newly bought items. Those who do not need additional spaces or who are not familiar with self-storage facilities, renting one will be a very remote possibility; however, to those who are currently leasing one, they obviously know that having a self-storage space is really beneficial, especially to anyone who:

  • Wants to enjoy the freedom of rotating their house furnishings regularly;
  • Intends to move to a new residence;
  • Wants or needs to reduce some of their house furnishings for more excellent showing; and,
  • Lacks space for old things, like old toys or his/her parent’s things and favorites, which cannot be thrown away.

The Self-storage or self-service storage business involves the renting out of a storage space, like a room, a container, or an outdoor space or locker. The renting of any of these spaces is open to individuals and businesses on a short-term basis, usually a month (longer-term leases are also allowed, as well as the renewal of monthly lease contract). Self-storage facilities are usually accessible 24/7, besides providing climate controlled and drive-up units, personal access codes, security cameras, a fully-fenced property, and a resident manager who is always available to attend to all clients’ storage needs.

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