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The American Road Problem

Posted by on Aug 30, 2017

Travelling via automobile is extremely common in the United States. Many Americans own or lease cars compared to other nationalities around the world. Our privilege in being able to transport ourselves and our belongings is sweet but not without costs. There are many negative effects of private car ownership. Excess amounts of cars on land continue to spew emissions into the atmosphere, which is slowly destroying precious ecological designs, and the heinous amount of vehicles allows for greater chances of collision and further injury or death. The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is responsible for providing analytical data that explains the current dangers of traveling by roadway in the state. Their research along with additional collaborations with other agencies geared towards driver safety has the potential to one-day end tragic roadway accidents, thus creating a safer world for everyone.

In the land of wind sweeping over plains, Oklahoma is experiencing an automobile accident crisis. Growing concern from state agencies and citizen operated agencies alike is pushing for research and reform. These roadway accidents are becoming a daunting predicament for citizens everywhere. The rate of accidents in Oklahoma is so high that they have become a leading cause of death and injury to its citizens. Safe road travel is not a concept only possible in science fiction. Other countries, mostly in Europe, have stricter course requirements for driver’s education and the process of receiving one’s driving license. While some would complain about a longer process and more intense learning modules they would seem foolish when confronted with the fact that Europeans are not suffering from the same rate of fatalities on roadways seen in America. In Oklahoma alone, more than 650 state residents lost their lives in an automobile accident, and an excess of 35,000 people sustained serious injuries during their accident. This trend should not continue when there are so many ways to end driving fatalities.

If the methods used in Europe have an obvious return of safer roads and millions of lives saved then perhaps it is time for to Americans seek out their help for innovation on our own shores. The dangerous narrative of ideals like the current U.S. administration’s, America First, is damaging in that it does not respect innovation and intelligence possessed by the diverse body of the global population. Clearly, when these other countries are not experiencing the same death toll as the U.S. it is time to set aside our pride and respect the intelligence of our European allies. In Oklahoma.

In summary, the roadways of Oklahoma are extremely dangerous even when compared with other state’s data. Automobile accidents are so common that they have become a leading cause of death for the citizens of Oklahoma. Research suggests that driving accidents can be prevented through more intense education and training. Practices in respect to driving safely used in Europe could potentially hold the answer to solving the epidemic of fatal auto accidents in the United States. When populations begin to collaborate with the intention to solve such epidemics then our society can begin to thrive.

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