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The Damages of Workplace Injuries

Posted by on May 22, 2017

You are working on a construction site when the scaffolding you are in suddenly gives in. You fall from an elevated place, hit the ground, and break your arm. A workplace injury is one of the worst kinds of injuries you can sustain because they have a butterfly effect in your life.

Not because you are working in a safe environment it already means that you are not prone to workplace injuries. Even the safest work spaces, like offices, are not entirely risk-free. According to the website of Spiros Law, P.C., those who have suffered from workplace injuries may have legal options, such as getting financial assistance. But what exactly are the challenges related to workplace injuries, warranting the need for such an assistance?

Medical Costs

The most apparent financial damage is the cost of treating the injury. Of course, the costs depend on the type and severity of injury. Those who have suffered broken bones can consider themselves relatively lucky, because there are workplace injuries that could be significant financial burdens because of their medical costs, such as traumatic brain injuries and paralyses due to spinal cord damages.

Loss of Wages

If you have been injured, you may completely miss time at work. Missed time at work is of course equal to missed salary. This can be a huge financial challenge to the employee, especially if he or she is the primary earner in the family. There are bills and debts that need to be paid and mouths that need to be fed.

Loss of Earning Capability

You may also lose your capability to work. Those who have temporary lost this capability may be luckier compared to those who have permanently lost it, like those who have sustained physically limiting injuries such as amputations and paraplegia.

Retraining Costs

Even if you did not lose your capability to work, you may lose significant time in practicing your expertise. This may mean that your knowledge and skills are outdated or dull because you have not practiced for quite a while. In these instances, retraining may be required, and that will definitely cost you time and money.

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